I have to pull myself together.

I can’t fall apart at the seams every single time something frustrating at work comes up. I have to stay grounded.

I told my dad I want to quit my job. I think he feels bad for me. He knows that we’re a clusterfuck of disasters… And he knows that I’m miserable. I don’t know what holds me back. My sense of obligation…? The idea that I’m SUPPOSED to have a job right away? Financial independence? What’s holding me back from going to school again? My job? My job where no one respects me and/or takes the time to help me learn and improve?

It’s just a job… But so much of ME rides on it. My self-worth. My self-fulfillment. My financial independence. My idea that having a shitty job is better than having nothing.

I can’t fall apart at the seams. I have to remember to be grateful for what I have…

I’ve been looking for other places to work. But most of them entail payroll… Or it’s a major pay cut.

My dad told me to hang in there. That’s what he told me when I first started there.

I don’t know how much longer I can hang here for haha.

I can’t believe that in September it’ll be a full 2 years of working here.

This is just a job. But so much is riding on it.

This is just a job. Hang in there.