I really didn’t want to go. I was tired. I didn’t want to drive from Bellevue to Downtown in the middle of rush hour…

I had to be nice to people I didn’t particularly know/like.

But it ended up being a good time.

We had dinner at Din Tai Fung (which was a horrible idea. I will NEVER go here during peak hours). It was pretty good.

It was an odd feeling because a lot of these people…I USED to be very close with.

Jessica kept saying we were the original squad….But I don’t really know about that HAHA

I had phases of close friendships with these people.


It was weird how different/seemingly different some of them were.

We had drinks before we had dinner because they wouldn’t seat us unless our entire party was here.


We ate, drank, and were merry.


Jessica was happy because all of us were here.


Alex, one of my close church guy friends, came with his girlfriend. She’s really sweet and cute. I like her. MUCH more than his other girlfriend.

But it was good to see Alex. He looked good. He said he kept trying to get out of it tonight, but Jessica had forced him to come. LOL.

I think he’s pretty strapped for cash right now, so Jessica paid for his dinner basically.

I bought him a drink too.


Grace, an old church friend who I was close to in college, came too. Grace has been in a steady relationship for 3-4 years now? She’s the kind of person… where she spirals if she’s not in a relationship.

I think she’s just one of those kinds of people.. .They need someone to ground them and to be their support.

But that’s because she had been so independent for so long. She talks about her boyfriend… Drops his name almost every discussion that we had.

It was KIND of annoying, but at the same time, it was kind of endearing.

It was good to hear that she was doing well and that she was happy.

We talked about youth group and how we both had very similar experiences and how it’s not the kids… it’s the PEOPLE.

She said it felt good to know that she wasn’t the only one who felt the way she did.

I told her that it’s sad because ever since I walked away from youth group, I feel like I don’t have anything to be passionate about.

She said she feels the exact same way, but she knew that it was toxic for her to be there.

I told her that it was so ironic that both of us loved Youth Group, but knew it was poison.


Two other people came too, but they’re more or less the same haha.


Billiam came – The one we went to the Little Mermaid musical with. He’s a nice guy.

Still as touchy as ever… haha. But he’s very nice.


After dinner, we went to Pike Place and got drinks at this fancy place called The Nest.

Everyone kept commenting on how Boujee it was. It was very nice. The ambience. The service.

The drinks were $$$$, but I kind of expected that. I couldn’t get a very good view because there were so many people out on a Wednesday night.


What was odd was that Alex seemed to feel uncomfortable and out of place.

He said he felt like he was way too underdressed to be there.

I told him not to worry about it. I think he feels like he’s behind. Everyone else has already graduated, but he has to stay for an extra year.

I said the only reason why I’m wearing what I’m wearing is because I had just gotten off work, so I needed to go straight to the party.

Otherwise, I’d probably be wearing something way more casual.


He thinks he and his girlfriend are going to break up.

She said that after she graduates, she wants to move back to Hawaii since that’s where her family is.

He said he doesn’t think he can do that for her.

I said he should think it over…He’s always been so rigid and set in his ways, at some point, he might need a change.

He asked me if I would consider moving to Canada. I mentioned that I’d thought about it, but it’s hard enough getting my life together HERE.

But if things went in a progressive way, I thought that maybe it could be a possibility.


The thing is, Alex would have to move to an ISLAND.

I would just be 2 hours away from home…But in another country. That’s the catch.

So we were both in a similar boat… But we were also in two majorly different parts of a river.


I didn’t get home till a little after midnight.

I was exhausted. I was overly social. I had to step out of my comfort zone for someone I wasn’t really that close with.

But I could tell Jessica was just happy we all showed up.

We don’t get together that often (this group of people) because we’re all busy with our own lives.

I think Jessica misses how things used to be… I think she reminisced a lot about how we all were.

It was sad. But good.


I was slept really well that night.