Last week, my boss basically said she didn’t see a future for me here. My other boss told me that she wouldn’t check my work because she didn’t want to be held responsible for my mistakes anymore.

I had a mental breakdown because I was unhappy and I felt like I was just wasting away and wasting time. I was stuck. I felt defeated because the places I had been applying for were either not answering me or I was rejected due to lack of experience.

Then I was freaking out because I knew HR was not something I REALLY wanted to pursue. I just thought it would be good job security and easier to pick up than a counseling job. I thought that since I’d spent two years doing Human Resources, why the hell not.

I did lots of research. I figured out what programs were out there. I settled on one that I would really really love to get into… But I’d missed the deadline. Then I did more research and found a career advisory position at the same institution. If I could start off there and then work on my master’s degree application… That would be perfect.

I also thought about doing youth group again. I KNOW. I keep doing the same old dance. But it’s the whole “what am I passionate about” thinking process all over again. I probably won’t do Youth Group until there’s an established system… Youth Group filled me with love and so much fulfillment… But it also filled me with stress and un-Christian feelings towards some of the people I had to work with/work under.  So maybe this career change can help me with that.