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Keeping Organized & Staying Motivated


This is my new work planner that I’ve been using every day.

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Bonds (long post). 

Edit: I thought a lot about whether or not I wanted to post this publicly… Just because it’s a long post and because it could potentially sound like I’m victimizing myself… I just hope that whoever you are, you can understand that it’s just me connecting dots haha… It jumps around so…

Today, for whatever reason, I decided to think about my previous friendships with my people who I considered to be my friends.

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200 Days

I know… I know. I’ve been insanely late writing about this because of all the hectic stuff going on… But I’m here to catch up!

Saturday, Richard and I realized it was our 200th day together. Well, let me start from the beginning.

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Reflections on past travels (long post).

My boss said something to me the other day about how NOW is the time to be traveling.

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I saw on the weather forecast that there was going to be a storm yesterday.

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Sooo I know I said I’d update in the last blog post…

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Adventure Day 14: Coming to a close

Hi. I’m at the airport right now.

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Adventure Day 13: Wonju

Today was also quite uneventful… But sometimes that’s just the way it has to be.

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Adventure Day 12: Back in Wonju

Today wasn’t very exciting…

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