The Weekend.

I haven’t seen Richard since our Ontario trip…

So seeing him again was a really good feeling.

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My application was rejected from the City of Everett job…

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On that note…

I wrote earlier that I should work on not being such a people pleaser.

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10 Things I Can Work On

10 Things I Can/Should Work On:

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10 Things I Love About Myself

I’m trying to do this thing where I make my life a little more enriching… A little more positive. I feel like lately I’ve just been in this rut of just getting stuck in my head. Feeling kind of down about myself and self-conscious. I think I have a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of myself/people/life/my day. So here’s to making little baby steps for self-improvement.

There are many things I need to work on… But I think, as I’ve said before, that I need to first start with loving myself. It’s weird that I get uncomfortable or shy when people say nice things about me. I didn’t realize it until I had my performance review with my boss. So I think as a life skill, it might be good for me to highlight and recognize what I think is good about me.

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Friday, June 16, 2017.

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Thursday June 15th

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Wednesday, June 14

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