You know what I think is funny?

So when I was turning in my resignation, my boss told me she felt like I was not as engaged lately… But she figured it was because of my long-distance relationship.

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It’s Official!

My final day of work is 2/9.

No regrets.

No looking back.

Just looking forward.

Letter of Resignation

I wrote my letter of resignation.

I am going to put my two weeks in today.

Life is hard.

I keep trying to think of reasons to stay…

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Productivity Log:

I forgot to upload onto here because this website likes to store the photos… So I’d only been putting them on Tumblr. Even though I’ve been home all week… I’ve been working hard. ><

Ok brain. You can shut off now.

I was trying to sleep like. 3 hours ago… but now I’m scared to sleep because I’m scared I will oversleep. The dread is causing anxiety. The anxiety is making the dread worse.

Five 2018 Resolutions

1. Read more for leisure.

2. Quit my job.

3. Get fit! Get healthy! Improve my body image!

4. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, use that energy to take the proper steps to move forward!

5. Love myself more. :)))

Same old same old

Oh man. Tomorrow will be my first day back at work… not going to lie. Dreading it a bit more than I would like. I couldn’t sleep, so I went on Indeed and applied to three jobs just now. I feel overcome with this weird cloud of dread. I think that’s why I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I had been looking for an out for years… and I get so close to finding one, but it just never happens. I have felt stuck for ages, and it’s so frustrating that I have felt this way for so long. On one hand, I have monetary needs because I have bills to pay (not that it pays that handsomely though). On the other, I have subjective happiness needs because I am horribly miserable there, and I feel that the fact that I am so mentally drained at the idea of going back… I feel like that’s worth something. It’s just a matter of knowing where to go. I guess I just keep waiting for something to come along and force me in some kind of direction. I suppose this is what all twenty somethings will go through at some point.

Longing for an escape.

I just… want to travel.

I want to carefully fold up my life now, store it in a box, and hide the box on the top shelf of my bookcase…

If only money wasn’t an issue.

If only time wasn’t an issue.

If only real life wasn’t an issue.

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