I read this article the other day and thought a lot of it resounded with me.

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Mean Girl.

I think my boyfriend thinks I’m mean.

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I hate hormones.


Moving Forward

Last week, my boss basically said she didn’t see a future for me here. My other boss told me that she wouldn’t check my work because she didn’t want to be held responsible for my mistakes anymore.

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Jessica’s birthday


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Reasons Why You Aren’t in a Relationship.

I had dinner with Jessica the other night, and we talked about her relationship “conquests” and how she was so excited to pursue this one particular person because he seemed so genuine and perfect. She texted me shortly after and said that all bets were off with him because things were getting “too emotional” for him.

I never understood why she felt the need to be in relationship with these men (despite what she says to me). She says that she’d rather be single and it’s her CHOICE. But then … She told me she didn’t understand why these things always happen to her… She says it takes forever to get a guy to commit to her. Then once they FINALLY give in… They cheat or they break it off. She didn’t understand what was wrong. She’s insistent that it’s always the man’s fault, and most of the occasions… It’s just because they were scum bags. But I had a few ideas of what might be going wrong behind the scenes…

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Protected: Learned Helplessness

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Pulling myself together

I have to pull myself together.

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I know I’ve been talking about hating my job for the last 2 years…

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