Where do you put your negativity?

I love my job. I love where I’m at because I love the work that I do. But there are times when I catch myself feeling really negatively about the people I work with.

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Sometimes it’s just nice to hear that someone thinks I look pretty.

I know when I look pretty and when I feel pretty.

It’s just nice to hear it from someone else… for someone else to make you feel beautiful.

One time my teacher from my program said she thought I looked beautiful on one particular day and that I was just absolutely beaming. And I just legit started crying because I couldn’t remember the last time anyone had said I was beautiful, and I just felt really touched.

It’s crazy that I’m so focused on my insecurities. But it’s really because when I hear the things that perpetuate those insecurities, rarely do I ever feel strong enough to combat them. Because those people shatter every last bit of confidence I have in myself… which I know is wrong. Because I can’t and shouldn’t put my self worth in others.

It’s just… I’ve heard so many times in my life the negatives about my body. It’s so backwards to me that I get uncomfortable when someone compliments me.

But it’s a good kind of uncomfortable…

I don’t know. I hate that I look for validation in others, but it’s just something I need… because sometimes when I’m feeling weak and vulnerable, believing and loving myself becomes a scary and difficult thing. I just need help getting back to where I can love myself more.

Shaking myself by the shoulders.

Today I drove home feeling really insecure and upset.

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You know what I think is funny?

So when I was turning in my resignation, my boss told me she felt like I was not as engaged lately… But she figured it was because of my long-distance relationship.

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It’s Official!

My final day of work is 2/9.

No regrets.

No looking back.

Just looking forward.

Letter of Resignation

I wrote my letter of resignation.

I am going to put my two weeks in today.

Life is hard.

I keep trying to think of reasons to stay…

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Productivity Log:

I forgot to upload onto here because this website likes to store the photos… So I’d only been putting them on Tumblr. Even though I’ve been home all week… I’ve been working hard. ><

Ok brain. You can shut off now.

I was trying to sleep like. 3 hours ago… but now I’m scared to sleep because I’m scared I will oversleep. The dread is causing anxiety. The anxiety is making the dread worse.

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